After a few months of staying relatively undercover following her split from Ashton Kutcher (due to his humiliating infidelities), Demi Moore seems to be re-emerging on the scene just in time for award season. I think we just might see her negotiating for a presenter spot at the Oscars, if not to hail her recovery than to rally support for her abomination of a movie with Miley Cyrus.

Demi attended a party with daughter Rumer Willis the other night and also the Grey Goose/Soho House pre-Globes party on Friday where she hung out with Madonna and where Ashton also made an appearance, though by all accounts the two managed to avoid any major awkwardness. Perhaps Madonna, in a show of Kabbalistic generosity, is trying to find Demi a young backup dancer of her very own.

I would like in this article to not point out that Demi appears to be still struggling with her weight. She has acknowledged that her personal struggles were the catalyst for her extreme thinnification. So it follows that naturally because this is what we do, horribly, signs of healing, will reveal themselves on her body too.  And what a terrible reality that is.

On a more uplifting note, there is the question, romantically at least, of what or who next for Demi. The first name that came to my mind was Bradley Cooper which, with his previous JLo connection, is hilarious to me, since he’s the Sexiest Man Alive and has become candidate number one for new divorcees. I don’t necessarily think that that’s a bad career strategy.