Demi Moore showed up at the premiere of The Joneses last night in Hollywood in a very flattering pink dress, showing off her great legs, accompanied by her husband and daughter, and well... appearing as though it was quite an effort for her to smile. Not because she’s sad inside but because it takes a while to get the muscles moving when they’ve been frozen... what?

Oh sh-t I forgot. Demi’s face has never been frozen. She is all natural up there.

Really? Because there’s definitely some Renee Zellweger mouth happening to Demi’s mouth. Like it’s too tight and can’t bear to be stretched. Whatever “didn’t happen” must have happened very recently. Wish she’d just come right out and admit it. Because it doesn’t mean she’s no longer genetically superior. I’ve seen her up close in person (last year at TIFF) and that sh-t is great, so much greater than everyone else. You know, it’s not always about the doctor, it’s about what the doctor has to work with. This is why there’s such a vast difference between Demi and Madonna... although the way Demi’s “untouched” face was last night, perhaps someone is getting more aggressive. Always a mistake.

So proud of my Rumey and her angles. How many times do I have to tell you? Rumer Willis is pretty. You just have to look at her the right way.

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