It’s cheating day today, apparently.

Which reminds me I received a really great message last week; I’ll post it at the end of this article.

Over the last week or so, since Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis have been more and more apparently MORE, stories about a despondent Demi Moore have been circulating. Supposedly she’s devastated that he’s moved on. Still not over his infidelity, it hurts that he’s found someone young and hot and successful...not exactly an image that Demi, out of rehab, rumoured to be estranged from her daughters, wants to promote.


Life & Style is reporting that she’s spending time with a Kiwi actor called Martin Henderson. If he looks familiar it’s because you’ve seen Britney’s Toxic video many many times and recognise him as the final dude, the one she gets it on with when she’s wearing dark hair and superhero suit. (Oh, that’s just me?) So basically Life & Style outbid the other magazines to publish the shots.

The two were on a mini-break in Connecticut. He’s 37, she’s 49. He’s hot. And that’s great she’s having a good time and trying to be happy. The issue with Demi though is that she’s always on about being happy inside, without the man. And, well, I’m not sure this is really living the spirit of that message.

Click here to read more about Demi Moore and Martin Henderson from Life & Style.

About that message...

Last week I mentioned that I didn’t care for Eat, Pray, Love. That apparently means that Liberty Ross and I have something in common. Here’s what Christine wrote:

I used to really like you.  I don't anymore.

It's been a long time coming--you have strange views about almost everything.  But when you said you didn't like "Eat Pray Love" the book, I knew you didn't know that your husband has been cheating on you for a LONG TIME, missy.  Of course he'll fake having a good laugh with you about this.  But clearly, you are in the dark when it comes to darkmness, intimacy, and really being in love.

When you say you have no heart or maternal instinct, you're right.

And now your following just dwindled, a lot.  Cuz I've influenced ALOT of people to follow you, but they too have grown tired of your tired, self-absorped, "I'm such an intelligent and different" writer, no one cares anymore.