Alice Munro’s Nobel Prize last week made me think of Dorothy Parker, one of the best writers, ever, and she never wrote a novel. Dorothy wrote wonderful short stories, and poems, and essays, and movie reviews, but never a novel. And it was almost like she didn’t think she could be taken seriously because of it. Well, she was wrong. Her own work proves it over and over again and Alice Munro proved it last week. 

Is Dorothy also wrong about this?

Men seldom make passes. At girls who wear glasses.

It was a different time then. Now? It’s not a problem…

Is it?

Here’s Demi Moore, happy and healthy, last night at the Wallis Annenberb Centre for the Performing Arts Inaugural Gala in Beverly Hills. She put her glasses on inside the event and I love how she looks. For someone who’s obsessed with youth, someone should tell her that she looks younger when she’s wearing her glasses, non?