The photos really don't do her justice. This is the third or fourth time I've interviewed Demi Moore on a carpet. And each time it's pretty spectacular. Right now she's the thinnest I've seen her. Little little legs. And up close you can see there ARE wrinkles, signs of age. Around the eyes, her mouth. Which doesn't for a minute detract from how ridiculously attractive she is, though maybe a little too tan.

It's not like LA Face, it's not like you can see the work she's had done, it actually looks almost natural, even though intellectually you know it obviously can't be.

The trick, as my friend Lorella points out is the lips. This is a good article supporting that. Click here. If you don't mess with your lips, you don't draw as much attention to everything else. The lips seem to magnify everything around it. Keeping the lips lean, without puffers, lets the other sh-t settle more subtly. Granted Demi has extraordinary genes, but she was smart about her mouth, and indeed her mouth up close is small and skinny, so that you aren't so obsessed with it when she's talking in a way that inevitably makes you examine more closely all that's around it.

Bitch is almost 50. And right now, the way she's holding it together, she looks at most late 30s. Money. Access. Genes.
As for her attitude - I have to tell you she was pretty accommodating on the carpet last night. She arrived first which none of us were expecting. It's a large cast, Margin Call, and she's the sexiest name on it. And normally, the way that works is that the sexiest person comes last. Demi made a lot of time to work that line. She wants this.


Snuck in and joined her inside. He spent the day snowboarding while she was doing press. I'm sure you'll have fun with that one.

Photos from Jemal Countess/