Demi Moore was at AFI's Night at the Movies last night with some major Hollywood talent including Cher, Sally Field, Peter Fonda, Harrison Ford, Sidney Poitier, Shirley MacLaine, Sam Jackson, Kevin Spacey, and more. She looks great -- healthy and happy. This makes me happy for her. It's been a while. And hopefully she's now living the way she always claimed to be living. Or at least getting there. We all do want her to get there, right? And get there honestly? Getting there is HARD. This is where we all live.

Here's Demi not hanging off a boy in Miami Beach, imitating Lindsay Lohan. Here's Demi not obsessively texting her daughters' friends, demanding to know "where's the party?!??!" to bury the insecurity felt when her husband betrayed her with a series of younger women. Here's Demi surrounded by those on her level, proper to her status. It's where she belongs, in this company.

Or...I mean if you really want to be a bitch, you could say she's only into it because she happens to be the youngest one there.

But I don't want to be a bitch on this. I want to believe she's on her way.