Demi Moore showed up at the Glamour Reel Moments event last night in LA looking very beautiful, extra skinny, and showing some string bra.

Sexy? Or Try?

I want to defend the woman in her 40s who wants to do and wear whatever the f-ck she wants without being restricted by a subtitle that reads “I’m a mother”. But then again, with all the bikini posing on Twitter, amid allegations that her much younger husband was unfaithful, futilely denied, it’s hard not to see the Try in Demi’s efforts, and then feel a little bit sorry for her, which of course is probably the exact opposite reaction to what she originally intended to elicit.

As for an update on that cheating situation – after blowharding about suing and threatening to get legal on Star Magazine, Ashton’s lawyers haven’t filed anything. Instead, the two went to Israel hand in hand, and continue to front like theirs is the perfect marriage, no fighting, no infidelity, no problems. Because when you look this good, how could there possibly be problems?

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