She’s a puma. This is what Demi Moore cheekily prefers to be called.

Look at her. On the cover of the new W Magazine. Ridiculous. RIDICULOUS.

Demi Moore is 47. And Granny Freeze Nicole Kidman would age herself 5 years if she could be like this.

The article is an interesting read for a change. Because it’s not as jump-up-her-ass as these pieces usually are. I found the opening paragraphs particularly refreshing:

At 47, she looks changed, although more by time than by the surgeon’s knife. One might say she looks her age, although hers is an undeniably striking version of midlife. The skin of her forehead and around her eyes does indeed wrinkle as she expresses emotion, its surface less dewy fresh than it once was. Beneath her haystack of wavy black hair, Moore is thinner than expected, which emphasizes the prominent bone structure that still photographs so well but also gives her a slightly gaunt appearance in person. Her chopstick legs are sheathed in skinny dark jeans, and her oversize cashmere sweatshirt looks as if it could have been borrowed from husband Ashton Kutcher’s side of the closet.

It’s still obsequious, sure. But “less dewy” and “gaunt” are honest descriptors. She does look as they’ve noted. In person it’s true. And still, RIDICULOUS.

Demi opines on aging in Hollywood, specifically related to her career, and how Ashton’s love freed her. And some other sh-t that’s supposed to make her sound deep when all you want to do is stare at her face and marvel at the RIDICULOUS.

Click here for more photos and the article.