It happened a year ago, exactly. It was a Friday night, the day before their 6th wedding anniversary. Ashton Kutcher was in San Diego at the Hard Rock. There were hot tubs and young girls. One of them, if I recall without Google, was called Sarah Teal. Or was it Leal? Anyway, the tabloids got hold of it and then Demi posted cryptic messages on Twitter and they tried for a while to make it work and then she decided to leave him and then she went to rehab for doing whip-its.

Ashton is with Mila Kunis now. They were all over each other in New York together earlier this week. I’m reposting those photos here. Obviously he wanted out. A dick makes dick moves; that was his method. However much you want to hate her or blame her, on his part it was weak.

While Ashton was telling Mila that he loves her,  Demi was back in LA the other night, seen arriving at the Sunset Tower. Demi will celebrate her 50th birthday in 6 weeks. It’s too bad she doesn’t feel as great as she looks. And that part, indeed, was beyond Ashton, has been for a long time. It’s not that she struggles, of course not. It’s that she masks her struggling by fronting a value system that she undermines all the time. Her message, the authentic one, would land a lot harder, with more impact, if it was honest. I suppose though that she’d have to start with herself first. That’s the story we could all relate to, isn’t it?