Major announcement on a Thursday which...

Let’s come back to that.

Demi Moore confirmed to The Associated Press that she will file for divorce from Ashton Kutcher.

"It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that I have decided to end my six-year marriage to Ashton. As a woman, a mother and a wife there are certain values and vows that I hold sacred, and it is in this spirit that I have chosen to move forward with my life. This is a trying time for me and my family, and so I would ask for the same compassion and privacy that you would give to anyone going through a similar situation.”

The San Diego cheating scandal broke 7 weeks ago. For almost 2 months she has struggled with this decision. And as I have written here many times, for her the alternative, leaving him, at her age, in her mind, it was terrifying. But we all asked...

Wasn’t the humiliation much, much worse?

The answer, finally, is yes.

You have to wonder too though if he forced her there. This is a man who behaved like he wanted to get caught. Because he desperately wanted to get out. It’s a cowardly move.

But her move...

Now what’s this?

Normally when they want to attract the least amount of attention during the news cycle, they bury it on a Friday at 5pm so that everyone’s gone home and they can take cover for the weekend.

The fact that she chose to do it today, Thursday, pretty much guarantees that it’ll be the main focus all day tomorrow. And she’ll get at least 3 out of 6 tabloid covers next week too as she’ll have given them enough time to prepare their upcoming issues. Plenty of time to prepare their issues. Line up interviews. Get new information from sources. Send her friends out there to start talking.

Demi has been around a long, long time. She knows how this game works. It’s no accident that she chose today to do this. So ...what does it portend? Everybody’s calling everyone else. Will keep you posted.