Demi Moore was in New York last night for the premiere of Margin Call. She was wearing her wedding ring. As you can see, she’s so gaunt these days it might fall off.

Face or body?

You know the dilemma. You choose body, you lose your face. You choose your face, you have to accept that your ass might get bigger.

I never thought Demi had to make that choice though. She straddled both, with assistance, and very well. Until, you know, her much younger husband’s habit of cheating on her with much younger women started making headlines, again, every single week, and he was so sloppy about it they couldn’t issue a denial. What stings more? Heartbreak or embarrassment?

You know what’s interesting to me?

Demi Moore’s publicist is Stephen Huvane. Huvane also reps Jennifer Aniston. Jen was at the ELLE Women in Hollywood event last night. Between his two clients, Demi and Jen, and which one of them needs PR interference more, we can all agree it would be Demi, right? And yet...

Huvane handled Aniston last night in LA. He was not with Demi in NYC.

Scheduling? Sure.

Or power. That too. Even now, as Demi is covering every tabloid every week, as she makes her first public appearance since the scandal broke, Jennifer Aniston still has the power. THIS is the sh-t that fascinates me endlessly about Hollywood.

UPDATE: The last time I interviewed Demi, less than a year ago, Huvane was with her. They had been together for years. Demi and Huvane actually parted ways earlier this year and she has a new publicist which... because she was tired of being 3rd to Aniston and Paltrow?

P.s. Demi was wearing Forevermark Diamond and Pave Drops set in Yellow Gold which can be found at