Denise Richards Resumé:
- ask Charlie Sheen
- ask Heidi Fleiss
- dating ex husband of best friend, now ex best friend: the ultimate girlfriend betrayal
- damages OPP
- injures elderly ladies
- allegedly sold out Pam Anderson re: her miscarriage and marital woes…

And now…

- offending the neighbours by inviting pappies into the community.

But celebrities are always photographed “by accident”, right?


New issue of Us Weekly reporting that Denise is looking for a new home in the $7 million dollar range and her neighbours will not be sorry to see her go. I hear it’s because she keeps arranging photo ops with the pappies – biweekly occasions capturing her as the doting mother in an effort to rebuild her reputation, which the Smiths and the Donaldsons don’t appreciate. And this of course illustrates something that is supposedly widely known in LA: that Denise Richards stages her pics.



More details about the duplicitous Denise in this week’s Us Weekly as Janice Min continues her attack.