Have been whisked away to Ucluelet, British Columbia – 5 years of marriage, more than Denise & Charlie, more than Brad & Jen…something worth celebrating, non? One downside – having problems connecting. Sorry for the intermittent posts, had to log on resourcefully to bring you the latest in the “Denise Richards Hurting Elderly Ladies With A Laptop” story. More exclusive information to follow but first … have you heard what her publicist had to say? Clearly the bitch does NOT know the meaning of the word contrite. She does however know the meaning of spin, and her team and the production company have positioned this incident as one of personal safety - that she was involved in an altercation with pappies and in order to protect herself, she had no other choice but to toss their laptops off the balcony, unintentionally hurting TWO ELDERLY LADIES. Here’s the statement released by – who else? - People today: "Based on the actions of the paparazzi, they are lucky their laptops are the only things that were tossed over the balcony." Now there’s a classy reaction! Let’s recap, shall we? Rik Fedyck, the photographer, was situated in a balcony three stories above Denise Richards. According to Rick AND eyewitnesses I spoke with personally, SHE stormed up the stairs, SHE initiated the argument with him, SHE tossed the laptops over the balcony, injuring TWO ELDERLY LADIES in the process. What part of that description indicates a threat to Denise’s personal safety? As for the contention that the photographers were “unauthorised”, I can tell you that neither was removed from the scene, neither was arrested, neither was given a warning, and furthermore, neither was banned from the premises in the future. What part of that description indicates a breach of authority??? Please bitch. Save it with your damage control. So what’s the latest? Local police are still investigating the incident, but only Denise. I repeat, they are NOT investigating the photographers…and what does that tell you??? At press time the cops have yet to comment on the situation, although reports that a settlement had been agreed to between the photographer and the production company is not true at press time (3pm PST). Although a settlement is not out of the question (in and of itself an admission of wrongdoing since she DID destroy the laptop!), it is also not out of the question for the police to place charges against Denise and here’s where it gets interesting. New and exclusive rumours off the set of Blonde & Blonder today – sources say Denise’s shooting schedule has been greatly accelerated, that they’re allegedly trying to finish up her scenes as quickly as possible to rush her out of Canada in anticipation of any upcoming legal issues. That’s right Denise…you better run. Will keep you posted…stay tuned for more as it becomes available. Team Charlie!!! Team Elderly Ladies Injured by Denise Richards!!! Photo Source