So even though local cops decided not to charge her for injuring 2 elderly ladies with a laptop, Denise Richards had to be rushed out of my country anyway. Saturday night, midnight was the deadline, she departed Vancouver on a 7pm flight because – and this is good! – sources off the set of Blonde & Blonder tell me that, unimpressed with her behaviour at the River Rock Casino, the Canadian government decided to send her packing by YANKING HER VISA. As in “Get the f&ck out of Canada, bitch!” Still…Denise was all smiles when she arrived at LAX a few hours later – see attached. And from what I hear, this is actually her usual pappy face - when she’s not caught mid-confrontation, that is. Word from photographers in LA is that she’s definitely a famewhore, loves getting her picture taken, and has been known to call ahead and alert pappies to her arrival at the supermarket or the doctor’s office or whatever. Which is why many gossips are now convinced that she was definitely rowing with Pam just before the laptop incident over whether or not she was the leak to the Pam pregnancy. Denise Richards sells out her friends? First Heather Locklear, now Pam Anderson? I’m told there’s more to come… Photos courtesy Flynet Pictures ONLY FOR USE ON LAINEYGOSSIP.COM