Pam has been in Vancouver shooting a movie with that miserable fantasist Denise Richards. On the weekend, she left for a brief weekend in LA to watch her so play soccer and was seen – attached – shopping for, among other things, three cases of brew. On Monday morning, she arrived back in Vancouver at 10:45am, my sources say she was supposed to report to set for noon. Instead, eyewitnesses observed her haggard and stumbling back into the River Rock Resort & Casino – I love it there, the best service, even when they f*ck up, as opposed to the sh-tty VanDusen Gardens who couldn’t find customer care if it was plugged up their arse, sorry I digress – and was rumoured to be unable to start work until after a 3 hour nap. She was allegedly still in hair and makeup at 4:45pm and the crew was waiting. Just the flu? Side effects from her shopping cart? A little PamRock on the way? Would love a little PamRock, wouldn’t you?