EXCLUSIVE! Coming at you straight from Vancouver! The River Rock Casino where Denise and Pam are shooting Blonde and Blonder – huge drama, a small village of witnesses, police are on site RIGHT NOW (6:30pm PST)!!! A couple of photographers are taking photos from a balcony overlooking the concourse where Denise was getting ready for her scene. She sees them, she storms up the stairs, a heated exchange ensues, she’s overheard cussing at them, an eye and ear witness tells me he heard the word “cocksucker”, they’re cussing back at her… and then! And then! She grabs one of their laptops and THROWS IT OVER THE BALCONY!!! The laptop goes flying and it HITS AN OLDER LADY IN THE ARM!!! This was observed by everyone on the set not to mention many, many casino patrons. More details as they become available… Didn’t I tell you Team Charlie was the one to back? PS. Dear Elderly Lady who was hit by the raging Denise Richards who threw a laptop off the balcony: Get well soon!! PPS. Dear subscribers: sorry about the wrong title in the email alert I sent you. In my haste, I forgot to change it. PPPS. TEAM CHARLIE!!!