First of all – have you seen these? Check out Pam in a tight blue dress, photos taken Wednesday, AFTER the miscarriage that took place a few days before, a pregnancy that was in its very early stages, no more than 8 weeks. Not that I’m a baby expert, given my aversion to having any, like, ever but still…Is it just me or does that look more than 8 weeks to you? Just asking… As for her relationship with Kid, who arrived in Vancouver late last week to be with his wife at the weekend, interesting rumours from on set sources: Denise Richards was allegedly overheard on her cell, gossiping with her mother, telling her mother that Pam was pretty unhappy with her husband. According to the eavesdropper, Denise supposedly said that Pam supposedly said that Kid was even more volatile and unpredictable than Tommy and that she may have made a mistake marrying him so quickly. Again…rumours, rumours, rumours. And yet in light of the Locklear situation, you really have to wonder what kind of “girl’s girl” Denise Richards really is, especially since my spies also report that she’s the biggest backstabber, was not well liked around the hotel, and is the kind of person who will walk into the gift shoppe, slam down her cash, not bother looking the attendant in the eye, and stalk out of there without so much as a “thank you”, although at this point, I suppose the clerk should appreciate the fact that he didn’t end getting attacked with a laptop. And that’s where I’ll conclude. Shall we try an experiment? You try throwing SOMEONE ELSE’s laptop off of a balcony. Try making sure you hit someone in the process – ideally someone really old, preferably in a wheelchair. Then wait for the cops to arrive. Tell them you were just mad, that you were trying to protect yourself. And then wait for the consequences. What are the consequences? Will your actions, like Denise Richards, go unpunished? Or will they cuff you before you even tell them your name? Funny how everyone went apesh-t over Madonna’s adoption when, really, when you think about it, beyond the media and the hype and the debate, there is a child who will get an education and LIVE to tell someone about it, but NO ONE goes apesh-t when a celebrity arbitrarily decides to damage other people’s property and injure two senior citizens, just because she didn’t want her picture taken, and the cops do NOTHING? Apparently the Hollywood Alternate Universe also extends to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada – a proud day for us all. Photos courtesy Flynet Pictures ONLY FOR USE ON LAINEYGOSSIP.COM