Now that everyone knows Denise is screwing Richie Sambora, many people believe that she was actually the culprit behind the "provocative" emails that prompted Heather to walk out on Richie in the first place. I have no information on this. But Janice Min and her clever staff at Us Weekly are reporting that Denise was indeed the one who went after Sambora, even though other sources close to her are saying they"ve only been together for 2 weeks. Regardless. Other woman or not, you don"t f*ckin" deal with your best friend"s soon to be ex-husband. I mean, come ON. We are talking about Denise Richards here. Not my type, but she"s got a kick ass body, a lovely enough face (minus the ski lift nose), and a mane of hair that has hypnotised all 6 Friends. Was Richie Sambora the best she could get? Give me a break. The girl is a hussy skank slut. Period. So we"ve established she"s loose. Does that mean she"s a liar? Let"s move on to the divorce front, shall we? Have you seen the voice message transcripts from The Smoking Gun? Charlie apparently left these enraged missives for Denise last year. Thank Goddess she saved them for the courts. And given Charlie"s history, they"re not exactly heartwarming. Now let me say this again for the benefit of those who will likely fly off the handle and accuse me of minimising the clear and present danger of abusive husbands. IF the allegations are TRUE - the man deserves to get more than his salad tossed in Oz. I repeat - if her accusations turn out, Charlie Sheen should fry. But aside from the reprehensible use of the N word - how many divorces have you heard of that don"t involve the words "I hate you, you f*cking asshole?" Just watch the opening sequence of Wedding Crashers and you"ll see what I mean. In fact, now that I think about it, a dose of John and Jeremy and a serving of crab cakes is probably exactly what the Sheens need. Who can resist Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson doing "Shout" a capella? Bottom line - Charlie clearly has a temper and also… Divorce is ugly. I"m reserving judgment on this, not only because Denise isn"t exactly Reese Witherspoon but also because, as I said before, when obscene amounts of money are involved, it"s always best to use caution - especially in this town.