As if a divorce isn’t nasty enough – now multiple outlets are reporting that Pam and Kid filed for divorce within minutes of each other, not content to just split but going one step further to try and claim first rights on who wanted the split to begin with…particularly ironic because GQ just named them Newlyweds of the Year, or something equally amusing. Also up for debate: the exact date of separation – she says the November 21st, he says November 26th. As I reported earlier, it’s been nothing but blazing rows for weeks, most recently in Vancouver on the heels of the Denise Richards laptop incident when Kid flew in to town to join Pam at BC Lions game but ended up bailing because they got into a huge scrap just before. She went to the game alone, they left for LA shortly after…Bottom line – it’s done and it is going to getting ugly. Nothing amicable comes from two people who can’t contain their trash even when it comes to filing the paperwork. But then again, judging from this all class photo, 4 months seems surprisingly long, non? Source