Both bitches, both have attempted to injure the elderly. As you know, Denise did it when she threw a laptop for no reason off a balcony and hit a couple of old ladies on ground level and now Hollywood Ebola Paris Hilton has added Golden Girls to the lost list of constituencies that hate her. And for good reason. Bitch was shopping at the grocery store the other day, an older woman was blocking the aisle with her cart, Paris asked the lady to move, older lady couldn’t hear her, so Paris rammed her way through, crashing her cart into the woman’s cart to make her point. Needless to say, her adversary didn’t take lightly to the challenge, and the feisty silver broad gave Paris a piece of her mind, eventually having her thrown out of the store. As Dina Lohan would say: Justice! And yet another example that this Hilton piece of sh-t has absolutely no conscience. Not that there’s any doubt about it but in my culture, when you disrespect the elderly? Father Thunder will kick your ass – a serious crime with serious karmic consequences… Hope. Source