Nicole Richie new and improved. Still very slender but I can see an itty bitty love handle and even a little rump. Even more impressive – at first glance from behind, it’s not immediately apparent that it’s her. My first guess in fact was Denise Richards – first class cbomb but a slammin’ and pretty healthy body nonetheless…and 4 month ago, you would never have confused Nicole Richie for Denise Richards. Can you believe that Joel Madden hasn’t, at the very least, contributed to Nicole’s weight issues? Can you believe he might actually be doing some good? And with the backwards driving Vicodin episode firmly behind her, can we now expect only good things from Nicole Richie? I would believe if not for one huge gaping rotting wound: Paris Hilton. Hollywood Ebola - the Racist Paris Hilton. The Paris Hilton who has now apparently taken to referring to minorities as “Lola’s” – codeword for African Americans, so that she can fly under the racist radar without having to give up her bigoted beliefs. Cut that sh-t off and Nicole Richie is solid gold. Source