As Dina Lohan would say – Justice!

Richie Sambora is a wealthy, wealthy man. And Denise Richards’s attempt at getting her pandering hands on any of that cash has failed miserably. Apparently her rep is telling In Touch that they’re over, that it was over two months ago but that they “didn"t want to make it public because they lived through public divorces and it was very painful."

Oh please.

Bet your boob job she tried to offer it to Us Weekly AND People and they both passed…which is why she had to go to down a tabloid tier to get anyone interested. And rightly so. Because Denise Richards is B-List at Best.

Denise Richards is also now single. Single and unpopular, with a damaged public image, and facing a potentially expensive lawsuit for destroying property and attacking elderly ladies with laptops. Sounds to me like Richie didn’t want to pay for a settlement.

Again, the Goddess keeps giving. But keep this bitch away from Paul McCartney...