Oh this has to rank, doesn’t it? Top to bottom, head to toe... Denise Richards has achieved a level of atrocity that merits immediate induction into the Worst Ever Hall of Fame – good for me since I hate that f&cking bitch, very very bad for her since there is no way in hell this was what she intended. Maybe attacking little old ladies by throwing laptops off balconies fried her brain? Or was it cherry picking off her ex best friend’s broken marriage? Or selling out another friend’s pregnancy/miscarriage/failed relationship to the tabloids? I’m telling you – Denise Richards is in for a world of karmic hurt, even better that she’ll look like sh-t in the process. Don’t ask me about the animal that has taken up residence on top of her head - I have no idea what it is. I’m actually more offended by her school-marm little bow dress and those tights (forgive me but I think they give her chunky legs and Denise has a CRAZY body), like a five year old going to church, quite ironic actually since this is the same slut who is rumoured to have worked for Heidi Fleiss. Or perhaps this is the kind of kink that gets Richie going. Perhaps this is how a professional scores her next husband, secures her next millions. After all, Denise would know, right? Maybe the babydoll works on Sambora – aging rocker eager to warm his bed and, cunning little minx that she is, Denise Richards ready to hop right in. She never was much of an actress…I suppose it’s best she sticks to the one thing that she can actually do well.