Including Jon Bon Jovi who reportedly does NOT want her tagging along when the band goes on tour – his rep denies the rumour but … well… how hard is it to believe that he wouldn’t want to be around a first class c-bomb who destroys people’s laptops and attacks old ladies in the process? “Jon does not like Denise. She"s distracting. There"s too much media attention when Denise is around, and Jon thinks she"s really annoying and doesn"t like when Richie"s around her." Hmmm…come to think of it, does Denise Richards actually have any friends? How toxic do you have to be if even Pam Anderson doesn’t want to hang with you? I’m telling you – from what I hear, that bitch is crazy and completely off her sh-t. Suffice to say, Richie Sambora is totally f*cked. Source