Waaaaaaahhhhhh. Soooo Welly Bick Head! That’s what my mother would say. Astonishing, isn’t it? The enormity? The sheer size? The glaringly obvious hypocrisy of Tyra Banks? The weave line, the unwaxed lip, the trannification – where does this woman get off telling other shallow psychotic supermodel wannabes how much they suck ass? And what is with the comedic attempt at “investigative journalism”??? Hello? Ever heard of Bill Kurtis? The man owns the genre. So if I want to know what it’s really like living like a hooker, I’ll turn to A&E, thank you very much. Either that or Denise Richards’ True Hollywood Story. Getting real with Tyra is about as stimulating as wasting time royalwatching Prince William, his receding hairline, and his beaverbucks. Next. Please.