On the off chance that you haven"t heard about Denise"s allegations, check any entertainment website from People.com to eonline.com to get caught up on her charges: that he abused her, that he threatened to kill her, that he has a gambling problem, that he leers at young girls and boys on the internet, and the list goes on and on and on. As a result, a judge has ruled that Charlie keep his distance from his ex wife and from his children until the next court hearing on May 12th. Needless to say, in his own defence, Charlie has hinted that this mess is about money and about control and completely denied any and all claims, indicating that he intends to fight her on all her "vile" and "baseless" lies. So. The fight is on. Now I know we"re ALL inclined to jump to Denise"s defence, not only because she has positioned herself as woman abused at the hands of a violent child molester, but also because we are talking about Charlie Sheen, whose hardliving past and previous predilections to all things perverse lend credence to her story. And hey - and if what she"s saying is true, by all means, the motherf&cker should burn in hell. Let me say that again, for the benefit of those easy over-reactors who love to send hate mail. IF what she"s saying is TRUE - he should have his balls plucked off, mulched in a blender, and fed to him for lunch behind bars. If. However, before you go apesh*t on his ass, let"s not forget a few key details. First and foremost, there is a LOT of money at stake here. And given that Denise"s career isn"t exactly white hot heat these days, getting a piece of his big tv paycheque probably wouldn"t hurt. I know a lot of people are all about giving the woman the benefit of the doubt here but may I remind you here that we"re talking about Hollywood? Don"t apply your neighbourhood community centre morality to the players in this town - and if that really is your preference, maybe smuthounding isn"t for you. But I digress. We were talking about Denise"s professional prospects, or lack of them, and her financial situation, which is decidedly less favourable than Charlie"s. So some insiders are saying that Charlie has not been as generous as she would have liked, and that this is how she"s retaliating. Still others are claiming it"s about rejection. When they finally decided to split after the holidays, I had originally heard from a few sources at the time that the two fought incessantly during Christmas holidays, and that it was Denise"s raging bitch that prompted Charlie to finally call it quits after a short reconciliation. These same sources are now saying that Denise has not been able to accept that he wanted out and as such, has been stewing for revenge ever since. And while anyone is an angel next to Charlie"s sordid resume, Denise Richards doesn"t exactly have the most upstanding reputation in the industry either. In fact, rumour has it, she could go toe to toe with Alba and probably out-c*nt her every time. Now does this make her a liar? NO. Absolutely not. And I"ll say it again for the benefit of those who are foaming at the mouth, indignant and offended for one reason or another, about the fact that I"m not all Chick Power and rah rah rah, men are bad, men are scum etc etc etc. Relax and chill the f&ck out. IF her story turns out legit, if the evidence comes out that he"s a creepy porno perv who smacked his wife around…yes, by all means, she deserves every penny and he deserves Tom Cruise. But I thought you might want to take a look at the other angles bordering this situation because at the end of the day - is there anything worse than an uninformed gossip?