Talk about terrible PR strategy. This girl royally f&cked up her cause. Kind of like Tom Cruise, without the Scientology. Why??? Well according to Page Six, Denise Richards fired PMK in favour of another press firm when they objected to her wanting to go public with the divorce details. She also initially had the option of having her court records sealed, something she clearly chose not to do, resulting in the media jihad that has since dropped on her pouty little head. Poor Denise. Going from public victim to public slut in less than 2 weeks. It"s gotta hurt, non? Now all of a sudden, Heather Locklear has become the darling, Charlie doesn"t seem so bad, and Denise is scrambling to save her name. The first move? Reminding everyone what a fabulous mother she is. In an exclusive interview with TMZ yesterday, Denise claims SHE was the one betrayed by Heather, that she never intended for her divorce to become news, and as she repeats over and over and over again, that her children are her priority. Period. Uh huh. Move #2? She ran to Us Weekly. Because going to Us Weekly is the best way to keep your sh*t to yourself. And while I worship Janice Min and all the clever folks who work for her, let"s try to remember what Us Weekly is. Us Weekly is a gossip rag. It is the best gossip rag, it is in fact the Gossip Bible, but it is still a gossip rag. Besides, no one goes to Us if they can get People. And People must not have been interested in Denise"s crisis management phone call. So anyway, here"s her Us cover and as you would expect, she denies stealing Richie from Heather and says she did not intend the abuse accusations against Charlie to be released. Then…in an all time, hall of fame mudslinger move, Denise (through her friends posing as sources of course) reveals that Heather actually started seeing David Spade while she was still married to Sambora! DIRTY DIRTY BITCH! Now here"s the thing. For all we know, it all could have gone down the way Richards is saying. For all we know, Heather"s the Tramp and Denise is the Angel and Charlie is the Demon Devil waiting to explode. But over the course of the last few days, Denise Richards has gone out of bounds not once but twice, committing 2 out of my Top Five Unforgiveable Flagrant Friendship Fouls and seriously tainting her case in the process. After all, it"s hard to love a bad friend.