While the real stars kept out of sight during Golden Globe weekend, the D List was out in full bloom, with Tori Spelling and KFed Junior leading the way at a few of the gifting suites.

Here’s Junior doing what he does best – freeloading off of someone else’s generosity alongside both his bank accounts: his eyesore of a wife, of course, and his son Liam.

Also on hand to pick up a few freebies was Denise Richards, the old-lady-attacking bitch who loves using her children for publicity to wipe clean an alleged escort service past made worse by backstabbing a former friend by dealing with her ex husband. All this on top of levelling some disgusting accusations against Charlie Sheen after ASKING HIM FOR HIS SPERM to conceive a third child.

You can’t script this sh*t.

Denise these days is worse off than Junior. Because while Junior has to dry heave every night into his pillow lying next to Tori, Denise is still single and hard up for her next millionaire.

Look out Paul McCartney…