How long does it take to wash away a slutty history? If one used to sell for sex, when does that cease to become a blemish? Is there, like, a statute of limitations on a prostitution past? Or is it once a ho, always a ho? Kinda like Denise Richards?

British rags are openly calling the golddigging dancer a “former hooker”, with allegations from a former event planner that Heather was paid to participate in orgies with billionaires in the early 90s. The revelations are coming out as part of a larger investigation into whether or not the funds from a defense contract were misappropriated in a high profile business arrangement. Heather was apparently very “brazen”, boldly flaunting her body for Prince Turki bin Nasser and earning several thousand pounds at a time for her performances.

Needless to say, it’s not the first time Heather’s provocative past has been publicly questioned. The London Sun managed to unearth an oldschool video of her last year – they called it soft core porn though Heather’s supporters said it was an “erotic love book” to help couples discover intimacy. Hee.

But that was years ago, right? And that has nothing to do with now, right? One’s character should not be determined by a pornographic past, right? Prostitutes aren’t necessarily golddiggers, right?


Heather Mills. Totally a saint.