On the one hand leaking sordid details of Charlie Sheen’s alleged disturbing behaviour to gossip columns and tabloids, on the other Denise Richards is begging for a sympathy from anyone who will listen. This time it’s a member of the gossip oldschool – that delightful old bat Cindy Adams who interviewed Denise about her acrimonious divorce.

In the hands of someone capable and properly prepared (like Jessica Biel’s publicist), the article might have been a public relations masterpiece. Instead, because Denise Richards is a lunatic, she only succeeded in validating Charlie and discrediting herself.

You will recall Charlie revealed a few weeks ago that Denise had formally requested from him a sperm donation in the hopes of having a third child. In spite of the fact that she is accusing him of some very disturbing behaviour, she still wanted him to give her another baby. Charlie revealed that this attempt at reconciliation was designed to drive a wedge between him and his fiancée and when it backfired, Denise became vengeful and started dragging up past unproven allegations.

When Cindy asked about it, here’s how Denise explained:

"Never. I do not want another child. That was to make his girlfriend Brooke jealous, make her think I wanted to get back together. I"m a single mom. I do not want more children."

In other words, what Charlie said was true. She did indeed ask for sperm, she did indeed intend to cause tension between Charlie and Brooke… she is indeed a manipulative miserable lying bitch.

And she attacks little old ladies with flying laptops.