Denise Richards and Lance Bass co-hosted a party at Prive Planet Hollywood in Vegas.

Like, who would hire Denise Richards? And… who would actually GO to an event hosted by Denise Richards???

I would rather grab takeout at McDonalds – quarter with cheese, supersized fries, AND a filet fish to wash it all down – in my jammies, with greasy hair and a face full of pimples, and wine dispensed from a spout on a box than waste a good dress and an even better pair of shoes ringing in the new year with Denise Richards. Never mind the new year. She’s not even good for a Monday night in February.

People are dumb.

But she’s so washed up, non? The pink is wrong, the shoes are wrong, the teased crown is so housewives of Atlanta… just another desperate divorcee, in a town full of desperate divorcees, trying so hard not to smell like a loser. And failing miserably.

Even the plaster didn’t want her. Apparently she tried to press her hands in but it hardened too quickly to make an impression. Snort.

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