Denise Richards filed court documents in her increasingly acrimonious court battle with Charlie Sheen last week and somehow… shocker! … a few of those pages have made it into the hands of reporters, now printed for our smutty pleasure. Of course this just days after Charlie released a scathing statement of his own denouncing his ex wife as an opportunistic lying bitch who is only raising these allegations against him because her career is in the crapper and because she’s jealous he’s found someone else, AFTER her attempt at reconciliation ended in rejection.

A series of emails were included along with the leaked documents – angry, hate-filled messages from Charlie to Denise:

"You are a pig. A sad, jobless pig who is sad and talentless and sad and jobless and evil and a bad mom, so go f*ck yourself sad jobless pig."

There’s more …

"You are an evil piece of sh-t. I can"t wait to tell the world what a piece of sh-t you are. You don"t get a f*cking dime till this is resolved. “

And Charlie didn’t spare Denise’s mother either, writing that Denise should go cry to her “bald mother” who is being treated for cancer.

Other details include photos of Charlie’s penis that Denise claims he sent to women he met in sex chat rooms and Denise’s multiple accounts of Charlie’s bad temper – slamming the headboard once because she had stopped breastfeeding which he thought would render their child “retarded” (her words) and spray painting their wedding portrait on another occasion with the caption “The Dumbest Day of My Life”.

I snorted when I read that part…is that wrong?

Charlie will no doubt come back firing in a matter of days. Meanwhile Denise seems determined to continue to play this out in public. Apparently hers is the only divorce in history where things have turned ugly and terrible words have been tossed back and forth. And she just might also be the only woman in history who’s accused an ex husband of violence and perversion and then turned around and asked him for a sperm donor to have a third child.

The audacity of this bitch never fails to astound me.

Can’t wait for the next round.