Perhaps second to only Heather Mills, not many women are as universally despised as Denise Richards, which is why it’s baffling that any network would give her her own reality tv show. A show in which she will gratuitously pimp her children so as to more effectively fellate the MiniVan Majority.

Check out Denise Richards this weekend at Malibu Market – photos courtesy of

You will love this:

So Denise decides to take her girls out for some playtime at the park. There are several parks, lovely parks, near her house. But these parks aren’t very pap friendly. Too many obstructions blocking the perfect shot.

As such, Denise drives out to Malibu – if you’ve been to LA you KNOW how traffic is – she goes way out of her way to go to a park with wide open access, where representatives from several pap agencies are waiting, and she gave it up nice and good for photographers, deliberately situating herself in an area that made it much easier for them to grab as many shots as possible. One pap I spoke with took 600 images of her.


How obliging does a subject have to be to deliver 600 images???

Denise Richards is a famewhore. And she is indefensible.

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