Denise Richards claimed the other day that E! had renewed her reality show for a second season. Unfortunately the network has yet to make that decision. In fact, it sounds like they could be leaning on cutting that sh*t off:

"We are still deciding on [renewal for] a second season."

How does that happen? How do you confirm something that has yet to be confirmed?

I couldn’t. I’m too superstitious.

But for someone who lies as easily and as often as she breathes, I suppose it’s entirely expected. After all, she’s accused the father of her children of unspeakable perversion while ASKING HIM TO GIVE HER SOME MORE SPERM to make more babies. She’s fabricated an entire backstory to her own life. She stages pap photos to pimp out her kids…

What’s a little truth stretch when it comes to scraping at the bottom of the barrel to salvage an unremarkable career? It was a slick PR move. Box the network into a corner, generate as much support from degenerate viewers as possible, roll the dice and see what comes up.

It actually happens in Hollywood more than you think.

Big move…HUGE…casting a few years ago. Two actors up for the part and the one who actually gets chosen gets f&cked over when the other takes out an ad in the dailies confirming the role even though the studio hadn’t offered a contract.

Problem for Denise is that this kind of power play only works for power players. Washed up hookers are not invited.

File photo from WENN