The lying skankbag is at it again. And few are skankier than Denise Richards.

Quick recap:

Widely rumoured to be an alleged one-time employee of Heidi Fleiss, Denise then met Charlie Sheen, they married, they had a child. And then began the lies. She accused him of pervy behaviour and filed for divorce while heavily pregnant with their second.

When a brief reconciliation failed – probably because he wouldn’t give her more money – Denise left him again and decided to start dating her former friend Heather Locklear’s ex husband like five minutes after they split. Major violation of Girl Code. MAJOR VIOLATION.

There’s your first indication a girl is worthless.

Unfortunately for Denise, Richie Sambora wasn’t dumb enough to marry her and sign over half of his Bon Jovi money, which is why Denise had to start from scratch. With a career in the sh*tter, Charlie engaged again, and no one interested in dating her or hiring her, Denise went on the attack again against Charlie, levelling unproven and unfounded allegations and trying to limit his access to their children… even though she had just asked him to GIVE HER SOME SPERM for a third child.

If he’s a sexual predator, why make another kid with his spunk???

Well… Denise, you see, is hard at work trying to remake her image, busy working with the paparazzi to sell herself as the perfect mother, knowing this just might be her only hope.

So now she’s trying to negotiate a brand new reality tv show focusing on her single motherhood, essentially exploiting her own children to resurrect a career that never, ever was. Charlie, not surprisingly, is said to be "absolutely 100% vehemently opposed to this" and is contesting her decision. Well of course he is.

Look at Britney, look at Lindsay, look at Jamie Lynn, look at Brad Renfro – look at what’s become of so many child stars unnecessarily exposed too early to fame, fortune, and notoriety.

Given that Charlie knows perhaps better than anyone the unspeakable evils percolating in the Hollywood cesspool, of course he’d want to block Denise’s naked ambition.

The two will be battling it out in court today.

Amazing, non? Denise Richards is going from employee to employer, from working girl to pimping mother… Why can’t Hollywood Ebola infect Denise Richards?