How do you feel about Denise Richards? Do you worship her staying power? Does she represent the worst stereotypes of LA trash? Is she your MILF-spiration? Well this is the week for us to examine our Denise Richards feelings because she is all over the damn place!

Denise is doing the promotional rounds for Twisted, which is a show you’re either going to know everything or nothing about. It's the new ABC Family drama. ABC Family, a network that, to me, seems like a lot like dating Charlie Sheen. You're either all-in, addicted to the perversion or you're repulsed and avoid it at all costs. No one is casually dating Charlie Sheen to see how things turn out and no one watches ABC Family once in a while.

Of course Twisted is not the reason shows like GMA and The View are agreeing to have Denise as a guest. They have her on to talk about Charlie, which she seems happy to do. Here's where I fall off the side of loving Denise Richards, where she has nothing but good things to say about Charlie. Can you imagine the crazy sh*t he's put her through? The meth-hooker-orgy-assault-rifle drama that she's had to protect herself and her children from over the years? But she never really complains, and usually seems pretty real about the situation, because it sucks to trash your kids' dad on TV.

Maybe you're thinking "Ok, Dean, fine she's not a nightmare of a mother but she's just on some crappy show my little sister watches. Why is she famous?" And that’s why I would like to remind you that Denise Richards has kind of an awesome résumé. Drop Dead Gorgeous, Wild Things, Starship Troopers, The World is Not Enough, Love Actually - these are all movies I've watched multiple times! Compare her to someone who gets way more respect, like Jessica Alba or Biel or Katherine Heigl. Are there five Jessica Alba movies you'd like to watch more than once?! No. Way.

If I still haven't convinced you, then for my last point I'll turn to Lainey. She really hit the nail on Denise Richard's head this morning when I asked if I could write about DR and she responded "She used to be a total cow. But the last 3 years, she's really impressed me. Let's do it." Let's do it, Team Denise.