If so… Denise Richards is interested.

Here’s Denise looking lovely - if not a stylistically dated – at a charity function this weekend. But this is the kind of look one goes for when trying to reel in a middle aged billionaire, you know what I mean? The hair is so sex kitten it’s embarrassing. As is the gauzy little dress Nicole Richie wore for maybe 5 minutes two years ago.

Still… Denise’s body is fantastic. And she has that practiced sweetheart smile all goldigging bitches wear to perfection. The kind of smile that attracts the 50 something year old rich dude divorcé with a huge bank account horny enough to delude himself into thinking she loves him for him…the only men who can’t smell the desperation all over her.

At the very least however, Denise Richards recognises her only skill. Denise Richards knows she’s not an actress. Denise Richards knows at heart she’ll always only have one trick to turn.

Good luck with that, honey.