A gossip is fickle. And a gossip with a favourite is even more so. But seriously, how can you deny that Isaiah Washington has played this hand perfectly? While he denied the chokehold, he did admit to the catfight but instead instead of dodging it like your other standard-fare pussy celebrities, Dr Burke chose instead to spin the situation with a very sexy sense of humour: "We were like two baseball players . . . nose-to-nose. We had a difference of opinions while working on set but we"ve resolved it. (It was over) time and (keeping) the production going. The communication was lost in translation...Our faces are too beautiful for (throwing punches)!" Now THAT is Damage Control 101, savvy? Oh - and can you believe The National Enquirer? Scoring scoop after scoop? In the tabloid hierarchy, I think it"s safe to say the Enquirer is now head and shoulders over Life & Style, period. Source