any particular reason the Denzel-Pauletta Washington separation/divorce is so hush-hush?  It has barely blipped on anybody"s gossip radar. Dear Chris, I’m just as baffled as you are. Let’s back it up for the benefit of those who don’t live and breathe smut. Denzel and Pauletta have been married for years. He has acknowledged infidelity in the past. But they made it through all that and became one of the most stalwart couples in Hollywood. Until late last year when rumours started swirling that he had fathered Sanaa Lathan’s baby. She subsequently gave an interview a few weeks ago shooting down those rumours and denying allegations of an affair. Then a couple of weeks ago, a few marginal gossip sites reported that Pauletta had finally filed for divorce. Everyone waited and waited and waited for the big outlets to report the story. And no one did. Some of the original sites even took down their links. And since then, it’s been all quiet. No one is talking, no one wants to go near it. Which naturally means that speculation is running rampant. Some say they’re working things out. Some say she wanted major hush money and he finally gave it to her. Some say it was all bullsh*t to begin with. And – my personal favourite – some say Oprah came over for a visit and waved her magic wand, making everything all better. All I can tell you is this that no one can agree on what’s going on. And believe me, I’ve been workin’ it. Will let you now definitively when and if I find out. Promise.