On a date with Denzel and Lenny. They hit up the Laker game together for a man date. Yeah. Wouldn’t you like to tag along? Lenny Kravitz is currently featured in Precious. Have you seen Precious? Please say you’ve seen Precious. Precious is up for several Oscars on Sunday including Best Picture. At this point it seems an outside shot. But then again, why would Precious ever be anything else? That’s the whole idea.

As for Denzel, as much as I love him, it’s getting tired his recent string of movies, non? Not unlike Nicolas Cage, oh look there’s Denzel Washington rescuing people from a train/boat/bus/plane smooth-talking the villain on a walkie talkie. Speaking of – Spike Lee is apparently readying The Inside Man 2 and, as of right now, both Denzel and Clive Owen are on board. Word is, depending on script, Jodi Foster is too.

Photos from Wenn.com and London Ent/Splashnewsonline.com