Arguments for:
- He started the year with The Book of Eli, he’s ending it with Unstoppable. After all these years, Denzel is still selling tickets....
- At the movies, and also on Broadway. He just won a Tony Award. You can’t argue that this man is a winner
- He is still as handsome and as elegant and distinguished as ever. Right now, he has his charm cranked up as high as it’s ever been. He likes being popular. He wants to stay popular.
- Oh I’m sure it’s smutty at Mr Washington’s house. But Mr Washington has been able to keep his sh-t off the radar of the MiniVan Majority. As far as they’re concerned, he gets an A for good behaviour
- If he’s going to win his 2nd SMA, he has to do it now or soon. And he wouldn’t say no.
- As noted in the Will Smith entry, Denzel is the only black man to have been named Sexiest Man Alive. Repeating him is a fine way to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the title.

Arguments against:
- At 55, is he past his prime? Would it be a bit of a stretch for some? Especially in the age of attention deficiency? Does a 25 year old who watches Jersey Shore understand that Denzel is sex?
- You could argue now that Denzel needs co-stars. That while he’s still a huge name, he’s being helped now by younger sidekicks – currently Chris Pine, soon to be Ryan Reynolds. That’s a sign of something, non?
- The 25th anniversary issue has to SELL. People Magazine has to appeal to its core readerbase. They’re making a massive production out of this feature, especially for this milestone. For People’s people then, is Denzel worth all the hype?

Odds: 8 to 1

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