This is the first photo of Deryck Whibley where I actually find him mildly attractive. Am I on crack??? So have I mentioned that I"m all over glam Avril? Yes, yes, I think I have. I adore Avril blonde, I adore that she"s toting around a bag worth more than my education, I adore how pretty her face is, I adore her NOSE, I covet her nose, and above all, I am very intrigued by the faint but distinctly discernable vibe I"m getting from a few people in her camp that she might not make it down the aisle. Not that they have anything concrete to go on but it"s more of a feeling, they say. Something about how much more fun she seems to have when he"s not around. By the way - have I gloated yet about the fact that she had to rearrange her wedding date because we blew it open on eTalk 6 weeks ago? Word is she, personally, wasn"t all that pissed about it either. What do you think, gossips? Will Avril really marry Deryck? You tell me.