Those of you in the UK know about Skins. The show has yet to come to North America, word is it’s on its way. And when it does, you will LOVE. I watched Season 1 over the holidays because after Slumdog Millionaire I needed more Dev Patel. The depravity of Skins makes Gossip Girl seem like Disney. Say goodbye to sweet little Marcus from About a Boy. Heh.

Anyway, Dev was by no means the major player on the show, but now, beyond the show, he has certainly broken out. So much so that he’s now pap worthy!

Dev was photographed yesterday in LA. Not sure if that’s his butler/bodyguard but if it isn’t that man should consider updating his wardrobe.

One week from tomorrow, Dev could be waking up to a very early phone call. He’s been nominated for a SAG for Best Supporting Actor…so an Oscar nod too? Chances are good.

BAFTA nominations are due out tomorrow. Slumdog Millionaire expected to lead the way, of course.

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