Everyone knows her story by now: Diablo Cody, now an Oscar winning screenwriter used to be a stripper. Google the rest of you need to.

The point is…Diablo Cody is far from conventional Oscar. And she never will be. So why would you want her to put on an Escada and get her hair all blown out?

LOVE what she decided to wear. Love that she’s found herself in the middle of a drama situation with Stuart Weitzman. Apparently they asked her to wear their million dollar annual Oscar shoes. She agreed, not knowing it would be widely publicised (?). When she found out, she kicked their asses on her blog. And last night, she decided not to wear them altogether, opting instead for a cheap pair of flats.

It’s kind of amazing.

Same goes for her skull earrings and the block bottle dye job and the red lips. It’s perfect and it’s real and I’d rather look at this than the same dress Penelope Cruz wears over and over again anyway.