Have been hearing from many of you over email and Twitter this morning. Almost everyone is into Diane Kruger as styled by Jason Wu. No, it certainly doesn’t suck. But I can’t say it’s my best. Maybe it’s because Jason Wu, while popular and talented and very, very appealing, doesn’t do it for me in the way of pure originality. I mean, here’s the thing about this dress: it’s a state dinner dress. Some wife of some ambassador, or maybe even the first lady of France, someone hosting China – the enemy! as Donald Trump would say – in the White House or some such, and the lady at head table glad-hands in this, maybe without the thigh action.

It just doesn’t make me want to punch myself in the face from excitement.

And sometimes Diane Kruger just, she looks the same a lot of the time, non? Just me?

Having said that...

Let’s give some love to Joshua Jackson, easily the boss of the night among men. And I can hear him saying it, because he’s actually said it to me several times on carpets - she picks, he wears, end of story. As far as boyfriend accessories go, no one is as content to stand there and wait while his girl gets photographed as Joshua Jackson. It’s maybe my favourite thing about him. He’s just not threatened that way by silly chauvinistic standards which, as corny as it sounds, actually makes him more of a dude that the roid juicer who won’t hold his wife’s purse.

Photos from Wenn.com and Larry Busacca/Stephen Lovekin/TIMOTHY A. CLARY/Gettyimages.com