Diane Keaton was in Toronto yesterday and appeared on The Marilyn Denis Show. I can’t find any pap photos of her. And there are several pap agencies represented in Toronto. For some reason, I guess Diane Keaton wasn’t a draw...?

Who doesn’t love Diane Keaton?

As my friend Michelle noted yesterday, Diane Keaton is universally adored. RIGHT? You adore her. I know you do. Let me give you another reason: Diane had a 45 minute break yesterday in studio at our building and she went to a bookstore on her own and didn’t need to be coddled or protected. Or this: during the interview she pulled out a list of all the actors she’s kissed over her career. Like, she prepared. Because she wanted to come and be funny and have stories to tell and not forget anything and entertain. And charm! She did.

So she goes on about the long list of men she’s been with on screen. And then she ends the segment by revealing the only name on her To Do List:

Ryan Gosling.

It’s really, really cute.

I’d be really into it if Ryan Gosling and Diane Keaton hooked up. Most of his fans would be really into it too. For some reason, his fans despise Eva Mendes. Like, they’re actively campaigning for a breakup. What’s the problem? How does Duana’s Internet of Entitlement argument apply here? Click here to revisit her piece on What Do Fans Deserve and replace the show and the characters with an actor and his love-life. Can you imagine?

Click here
to watch Diane on Marilyn Denis. The whole thing, if you have time, but if not, start at the 10:00 mark to hear her kiss and tell.

Attached - Diane in LA a couple of weeks ago. Michelle said she changed 3 times for her various interviews yesterday and all her pants were right at her ankle and the length really works for her.