In Paris last night at the Liaisons au Louvre charity gala dinner. I LOVE her dress SO much. Like, on me I’d just look pregnant, so it’s for that willowy type for sure but still... how about this as a refreshing change of silhouette? I’ve noted before that Diana Kruger often looks “samey” to me. Here’s how she’s shaking it up. And the lime green... it’s so fresh! Totally a good mood dress. Also now I want my nails this colour. I have neon lime green polish. For the weekend!

As for Josh, well, he’s adorable, as usual. And he’s been working in New Orleans on a film called Lay the Favourite with Rebecca Hall, Bruce Willis, and Vince Vaughn. It’s based on a memoir of the same title about a woman who used to be a cocktail waitress in Vegas and then went on to become a professional gambler which is my favourite fantasy daydream ever. Stephen Frears is directing. In other words, Josh is in great company. And then he goes back to work on Fringe.

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