Not much needs to be said about these shots of Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson in New York yesterday. They met up on a street corner, they were thrilled to see each other, he kissed her enthusiastically, then they went for lunch and couldn’t stop being f-cking cute. Right?

Joshua has just wrapped on Season 3 of Fringe and received some good news early too – the show has been picked up for a full 4th season so it’s another year of employment and a steady paycheque and yes, they have to worry about that too. European summer? Diane and Josh usually travel pretty low key, but she almost always makes a stopover in Cannes during the festival too. Will keep you posted.

As for your questions about their rings – I’ve written about this already, and the answer is still the same, click here for a refresher on the subject. One more note on this issue – many Europeans wear wedding bands on their right hand. But whatever, ring or not, married or not, they are together, they’ve been together, they’re so into each other, what difference does it make either way???

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