Many of you have emailed to ask the last couple of months whether or not Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson are still together because there have been no pictures. Here is your answer: they matched stripes at Coachella, so yes.

Diane’s been working on a movie called The Host based on the book by Twilight’s Stephenie Meyer. Lately they’ve been blasting my inbox with promotional material for the film, even though it doesn’t come out until March 2013, with no actual footage from the feature because, as just mentioned, THEY’RE STILL SHOOTING IT. I don’t mind being over-marketed. I mind being marketed when there’s nothing to market but a poster and trailer that offer no images from what I’ll actually be seeing at the theatre. But it was too good an opportunity to pass up, riding on the back of The Hunger Games.

Here’s the preview. Now tell me, did this make you wish it was next year? Or have you forgotten it already?