Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson were photographed walking around NYC yesterday. Cute dress. Would be cuter if the top was smocked. Smocking is forgiving. That said, she wouldn’t need it.

You know, these two have been together since 2006. That’s 8 years now. Almost a decade. I didn’t realise, did you? If someone were to ask me off-hand how long, I’d probably answer off the top of my head, maybe 3 or 4 years? 5 tops?

It works for them. And they’re both on TV now too. In Joshua’s case, back on TV. He has a new show on Showtime called The Affair in a supporting role to Dominic West and Ruth Wilson. I appreciate this. He takes the work when the work is good, even if he’s not the main attraction. Play your position. Many of his peers don’t understand this.